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Hemp Space

Technology & Science Based Low Capex Cultivation-Extraction-Distribution to create value in the supply chain

CANBUD’s innovative and creative business model includes a tissue based proprietary clonal system, DNA marker superior strain development, symbiotic extraction alliance, IT consumer platform for distribution and AI based user experience data analytics. CANBUD positions itself to supply high quality hemp CBD products and ingredients for FMCG when CBD starts to become commoditized.

Psychedelic and Functional Mushroom Space

CANBUD has established a footprint in Jamaica where psychedelics is already permissible and shroom tourism will be in demand. CANBUD is at the forefront of psilocybin micro-dosing development, and in the process  of discussing an off-take agreement to supply psilocybin extract for R&D purposes. On the functional mushroom front, CANBUD is developing mushroom based immune and nootropic cognitive enhancement products. CANBUD positions itself to be a leader in early movers within this industry.

Plant-based Protein Space

CANBUD plant-based protein products address the fast-growing consumer demand for sustainable plant-based protein as replacement to meat-based protein. CANBUD plant-based protein products are leaders in class with a unique all-natural composition and environmentally friendly packaging of certified compostable packets using algae-based compostable ink. 

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