Executive Summary

CANBUD DISTRIBUTION CORPORATION Inc. (“CANBUD”, or “Company”) is a Canadian publicly listed company with a fully integrated and licensed hemp CBD operation across three registered farmland locations in Ontario, encompassing a total of 150 acres. CANBUD’s hemp licences are associated with its  core acreage in Canada where R&D and best practices are executed. The acreage expansion will involve a collaboration with land owner model, reducing land acquisition costs. CANBUD’s licensed operation includes Health Canada’s industrial hemp cultivation license, with an initial clone-based program out of Kettleby, Ontario, along with a federal cannabis sale for medical purposes licence. CANBUD finalized its 2020 pilot cultivation having successfully harvested 600+ kg of hemp CBD dry flower. 

The company continues to create accretive value by positioning itself at the forefront of emerging and growing global market demand: (1) in psychedelic and functional mushroom nutraceuticals with its Jamaica footprint acquisition, and (2) in plant-based protein through the development of sustainable superior plant-based protein products. 


CANBUD’s VISION is to become a world leader in science and technology, inclusive of plant and mushroom based disruptive wellness and environmental solutions, by integrating research driven proprietary technologies into operational systems across various sectors and supply chains.


CANBUD’s MISSION is to prove and provide access to innovative hemp solutions, leveraging science and technology to satisfy global demand and spearhead the evolution of (1) hemp, (2) psychedelic and functional mushroom nutraceuticals, and (3) plant-based protein.

CANBUD’s competitive advantage includes its proprietary on-site clonal system and breeding with DNA markers and a proprietary ‘clone-to-consumer’ software platform, CanbudProve for compliance “chain of custody”, brand management and profit optimization.

CANBUD’s exceptional R&D strategy has positioned the company to become a leader in transformation across the psychedelics sector with the recent acquisition of a facility in Jamaica and the development of medicinal mushroom immune support products.

CANBUD was established in October 2018. Private placement raised CAD $1.6 million gross in May 2019. The Company is led by an experienced team with complementary skill sets to execute and grow value.

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