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CANBUD’s CanbudProve is a “clone-to-consumer” platform that can grow to become a household name as the new industry leader. The IT platform (CanbudProve) is in process of final development  which was originally intended as a SaaS model from the third-party developer-CannaProve. The platform will include sub-programs such as cultivation, logistics, sales integration, with a focus to initiate a user experience platform “direct sales to patients.”

CANBUD’s ‘clone-to-consumer’ strategy included an initial partnership with CannaProve, leader in cannabis software solutions for compliance “chain of custody”, brand management and profit optimization, later acquired and renamed CanbudProve, CANBUD’s own proprietary platform. This IT platform provides both the patient and product end users, as well as later CPG ingredients buyers a quality and compliance assurance across the supply chain. As part of the IT platform, CANBUD is developing data analytic with AI capability for user experience while addressing the two sensitive challenges of data privacy and security.

Blockchain For Genetic and Consumer Feedback Information Management 

CANBUD’S development of a decentralized consumer feedback and chain of custody platform for its psychedelics/functional mushrooms, CBD and plant-based product offerings is a marriage of DNA and blockchain that will serve to provide information on product origins, quality, and consumer feedback legitimacy. This feedback is instrumental in developing the best product, and reviews will become more honest and useful for both the business and consumer, leading to better decisions, but engaging in more constructive and meaningful dialogue. A blockchain integration guarantees that information will be secure, immutable, transparent, auditable, and incorruptible, and this will enhance consumer trust for product offerings.

The platform will be built to be compliant with Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), as well as the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as Canbud readies for their US expansion. The ultimate goal is providing data driven health outcomes to improve the quality of life; to derive greater product metrics by leveraging a dynamic technology that ultimately gives customers exactly what they need.

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