Clone Technology

On-site Clonal System

CANBUD’s proprietary on-site clonal system with integrated DNA markers allow for traceability of supply in an outdoor system allowing for greater quality assurance. CANBUD is establishing a reliable and sustainable hemp supply through its production facilities; 4 hoophouses with notable infrastructure and expansion capabilities. CANBUD collaborates with universities to further its DNA markers research and technology,  to leverage available government funding and expensive research equipment.

The advancement of CANBUD’s DNA markers and strain development will take several years and would require a pedigree and approval through Health Canada, which is why CANBUD commenced cultivation using existing approved cultivars. These DNA markers coupled with breeding could create game changing high CBD and other cannabinoid like CBG and CBN plants with “infertile” traits (can not be pollinated). CBG has been tested at McMaster university to be capable of breaking bacteria resistance which would solve huge billion dollars super bugs challenges (in hospital, in food packaging, in anti-biotic resistant drug treatment).

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